Chad feels strongly that giving back to the local community, as well as nationwide charities is a positive way to share the wealth he has created over the years.

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About Chad

Over the last 20 years, entrepreneur and family man, Chad Chiniquy has proven himself successful in the real estate industry as the sole owner of the privately held company IMC Mortgage. With Chad’s undying motivation and business-savvy attitude, he recognized the dominant shift taking place in the market, as real estate began to dip.
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About Search Control

Search Control was founded in 2009 with Chad R. Chiniquy as the CEO. The company has offices in California and Arizona, but is accessible to anyone across the globe. Search Control has developed an algorithym based system called the i-Skore that takes all of the search data found on the 3 major search engines and mathematically values each search result. Included in the i-Skore is a month by month progress report of your online presence, with visuals that help explain your search results, and whether they are positive or negative.

Search Control

From Chad

“I instantly knew that this industry would offer exciting new opportunities in my own future as I was able to reflect my personality and profession through the web. The internet facilitates communications and the availability of information in each individual industry. I figured that if I could create a positive reputation for myself online, than others could surely benefit from the same concept.”

Past Experience

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